It can be tricky for individuals and business owners alike to file their taxes, understand tax laws, and keep up with accounting, all while trying to stay in compliance with the IRS and keep up with the demands of daily business and personal life. This is where my team and I come in! Our expertise and experience in taxes and accounting helps save you valuable time. We’ll help you avoid unnecessary paperwork stress and stop working after hours!

Military Tax Preparation

Filing your military taxes can be confusing since there are many different situations, such as home state filing and overseas income. I have extensive experience and know how to file correctly for you.
To thank you for your service, I offer a discount for active duty.

Tax Preparation

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation for Current or Prior Years
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Sales Tax Preparation
  • Turn receipts into accurate tax returns
  • File an power of attorney, to interact with the taxing agencies on your behalf for prior year’s taxes
  • Get records on file to assist in preparing your taxes
  • Get you compliant with the IRS or State

Business Accounting

We can get your company automated, in house or on the iCloud, thus giving us access to your “real time” books. Know where you stand, balanced and reconciled accounts.

  • Quickbooks (Setup and Maintenance)
  • Financial Statements / Spreadsheets
  • Posting of Daily Transactions
  • Bank / Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Expense Management / Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Collection Letters & Calls
  • Invoicing / Monthly Statements


We can relieve your stress by preparing your monthly balanced and reconciled books, keep you up to date. Take the tedious task of data entry, reconciling etc off your hands, so you can focus on what you do best in your business to generate revenue. 


Get your company registered online to file timely reports and payments. Thus avoiding penalties and fees, for your company and keeping you compliant. Based on your needs we can do current or after-the-fact payroll.