BasilTopsFrom the moment we started working with Alexx she demonstrated the exact qualities we were looking for. She is very knowledgeable about tax prep and accounting, has superior communications skills, an amazing work ethic and is completely trustworthy and reliable. She is a great listener and is conscientious and thoughtful with her questions as she gathers what she needs to assess the whole financial picture. She embodies the Aloha Spirit, which not only means she is friendly, kind, warm and caring but she is great at problem-solving and achieving goals. Alexx is precisely what every business owner should have in their arsenal to be successful. She is a great asset because of her skills and knowledge as well as her network to help small businesses make the necessary adjustments to grow their companies. Most importantly, her approach is not just about the numbers but the overall health and sustainability of a company. We have been able to relax, feeling a tremendous weight has been lifted since Alexx has come on board to help get us reoriented. We cannot thank Alexx enough for all the time and effort she has spent to help our company. We appreciate her and are lucky to have found her. We are grateful for our partnership with Alexx and highly recommend her to anyone.

— Cynthia

AlexxChesney-TaxPreparation-Bookkeeping-Accounting-Carlsbad-Testimonials-SaraJungPlease add me to your happy client list as the happiest one!

Alexx, since the first day we met, has been a huge asset to me and my business.

As a young entrepreneur, I began my education consultation business underprepared, but continued anyway out of passion. Thankfully, my business has been growing and after two years with a distant accountant, I felt the need to get things in order to be able to take it to the next level and also grow it further.

Alexx has done a phenomenal job in taking over what was a complete mess and has been helping organize what I thought was not possible. I am so relieved to have Alexx now manage my company’s accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax advice and tax preparation (corporations and individuals).

The trust, reliability, and support I gained through Alexx has made it possible for me to actually grow and expand my business; now I have three businesses in total, including a sushi restaurant coming soon. I honestly don’t think any of these would have been possible without Alexx there to help with not only financial advising, but also referring me to the very necessary people in her network.

Alexx is so giving, passionate and kind, but precise and accurate in her field of expertise. I would recommend her to anyone who is as passionate and serious in building and growing a successful business!

— Sarah

I am very pleased to recommend Alexx Chesney as an accountant and tax adviser.

I worked with Alexx for two years in my capacity as CEO of Everest Solar LLC. Alexx was instrumental in establishing our accounting procedures, in preparing our quarterly and yearly financial statements, in guiding our cost management, and in coordinating closely with our German parent company in implementing and optimizing an SAP ERP system that we successfully rolled out in the fall of 2012.

I am now Founder and President of Forward Energy Partners and I am again relying on Alexx for the planning and implementation of our accounting and tax functions.

Alexx is a true professional, with deep technical knowledge in her field, and more importantly a reliable partner to management with good judgment and attention to detail. Her contribution to any organization will be tremendous.

— Boris

Joyce-CarboniAlexx, what can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your professionalism and integrity are beyond reproach.

You’ve kept it “together” for my spa’s accounting when I would have moments of panic.
Your calmness and knowledge of what needs to be done, has always been amazing and you carry it out expeditiously and accurately too!

You keep the team together; You are professional, courteous, caring and kind.

You keep me together during moments of panic; Your calmness calms me!

Thank you for being such a wonderful asset to my Spa all these years! Even though you were a contractor, you always acted like a loyal employee!!

— Joyce

ratnaviraWe happily recommend the accounting and tax services of Alexx Chesney. She has been our business and personal tax accountant for the past decade. My husband and I run a wildlife art gallery and were audited for the first time ever for both of us in over 20+ years Alexx walked us through the entire process did research on our printing and giclee methods, inventory, travel, etc. and represented us so well we received an almost 3,000.00 refund.  I give my full professional and personal recommendation to her dependability, intelligent and conscientious decisions, her excellent advice and thorough checking and comparisons to previous tax years.  I know with full confidence you will learn to value her expertise as deeply as we do.  May you enjoy the prosperous relationship we have shared with Alexx’s excellent advice and overseeing of our taxes.

— Lisa and Gamini

Amanda-StringerI met Alexx when she began doing accounting for the mortgage banking company that I worked for.  After witnessing her incredible work ethic and knowledge of accounting and taxes, it only made sense that I give her a shot at my personal taxes.  I must say I am VERY happy that I did!  Alexx’s surplus of knowledge in the tax field helped me through a new marriage, a sale of a home and the recent purchase of a new home. Her professionalism, work ethic and expertise is second to none!  I would (and do) refer Alexx to anyone without hesitation.

— Amanda

karenbI have worked with Alexx Chesney for approximately 15 years. Alexx worked for my company’s accountant when we first met and we had a very good business relationship. I found her to be very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. After Alexx started her own company I began having her do my personal tax returns. Now, not only does she do my husband and my tax returns, she does our partnership tax returns and our parents returns as well. My husband and I have very complicated taxes and with an inheritance and a new partnership Alexx keeps us in the black and on top of any IRS issues. She has given us very sound advice and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with any type of tax. She gives it to you straight and I find that refreshing.

— Karen

CharissaWongI’ve been working with Alexx for the last four years. She has always gone above and beyond the call of Accounting Duty. Keeping in mind my personal interests as well as business interests. Whether it be finding the best way for me to continue my education or letting me know how items would be best categorized on my taxes, she does it all! She is responsive, diligent, and provides more guidance than I could ever wish for. She is worth more than what she charges. These qualities are hard to find and I’m grateful and lucky to be able to continue to work with her.

— Charissa

Alexx has helped me save time and money on taxes. Tax laws are complex and ever changing. Alexx takes time to study these changes and then follows up with me about they apply to our home business and family.

I have had numerous other accountants in the past. None have even come close to the professional work I have received from Alexx. Calls are returned promptly. Alexx is extremely fair and thorough, and charges a reasonable rate for services.

I am very thankful to have Alexx in my corner!

— Jennie

HeatherMarsh-HMMCreativeAs a self-employed small business owner, sometimes I think I can do it all, including my taxes. When I came to Alexx, she fixed mistakes that I had made on my previous year’s tax returns and even helped me find deductions that I didn’t know I could use.

I’m glad that I hired Alexx so I could focus on my own business instead of trying figure out how to file my taxes correctly and avoid getting extra fees from the IRS! Alexx is invaluable to me and I highly recommend her to anyone.

— Heather

I have been going to Alexx Chesney for all of my tax needs for many years. Recently, I had a financially troublesome situation with some real estate that I owned. With Alexx’s exceptional research, she urged me to “deal with the elephant in the room”, which I did. The situation greatly improved and now I can sleep at night, all because of Alexx’s excellent financial counseling and expertise! I highly recommend Alexx Chesney for all of your tax needs.

— Mardi